Reading & District Labour Party

Reading Mutual Care - active in the town and assisting vulnerable people

Mutual aid groups lead Reading response to Covid-19

17 Apr 2020

Covid-19 has prompted Reading residents to band together and form Reading Mutual Care, a major aid group across the town with a number of Labour Party members helping this drive to support their local communities. The group has now been in operation for several weeks. Reading Mutual Care has quickly grown in size with a…

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Reading East Tory wanna-be MP in hustings no-show

06 Dec 2019

Voters in Reading East who were hoping for ring-side seats to a pre-election showdown event at the town-centre venue RISC have expressed disappointment a no-show from Tory hopeful Craig Morley. “Morley can’t handle public scrutiny – reminds me of someone else in the Tories,” said one voter who attended Wednesday night’s event. The Conservative’s Reading…

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Labour to get UK rail services back on track

02 Dec 2019

The Labour Party has pledged to cut nationwide rail fares by 33% in a move that could save the average commuter over £1,000 a year. Reading rail passengers currently pay some of the highest fares in the country with the price per mile into London coming in at 31.8 pence. A recent BBC study has…

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Tory plans for back-door NHS privatisation

27 Nov 2019

The Labour Party have released uncensored government documents highlighting the risks that US healthcare companies pose to the NHS through potential increases in drug charges. The papers show details from talks between US and UK officials that took place between July 2017 and July 2019 showing that US firms are keen to discuss drug pricing…

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Plans to ease violence and crime

27 Nov 2019

Labour has announced plans to expand 18 Violence Reduction Units in areas where police forces are dealing with high rates of gang-related violent crime. Modelled on a model successfully trialed in Glasgow, the initiative would shift the focus from tackling criminality towards a public health approach to treating violence. Glasgow has seen violent crimes drop…

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Birds of a feather …

20 Nov 2019

Reading East Labour Party canvassers rescued a swan last weekend while door-knocking in Caversham. The bird was found wandering the streets and was returned to safety on the Thames. Matt Rodda – the Labour MP for Reading East – said: “In between doorstep conversations and deliveries today our Caversham team took a break to rescue…

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Labour manifesto sign-up

18 Nov 2019

The Labour Party is preparing to launch its 2019 manifesto and is inviting people to view the document when it is launched in the next few days. The party is seeking to outline significant change to help deliver “concrete improvements to the lives of millions.” At the core of the manifesto will be the goal…

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Corbyn: ‘Veterans not getting the services they deserve’

12 Nov 2019

On Remembrance Sunday Jeremy Corbyn used a video message to support veterans and their families who have faced multiple cutbacks to key services they rely upon. The Labour Party is pledging better pay, better accommodation and better support for veterans and their families. Corbyn stated: “We remember the many brave people from Britain and all…

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