Woodley & Whitegates Branch

Woodley and Whitegates Branch comprises three wards, Bulmershe & Whitegates, Loddon and Southlake, which are in Reading East Parliamentary Constituency but lie within the Borough of Wokingham. A fourth ward, Coronation, lies within Maidenhead constituency. To further confuse the issue part of Woodley falls into Sonning Ward, also part of Maidenhead and Whitegates is technically in Earley, bounded by the River Thames to the north and the Reading to Waterloo railway line to the West.

Whitegates falls within the Earley Town Council area - Sheena Matthews, Chair of Woodley and Whitegates Labour is a member of Earley Town Council. All the other RE wards are in the Woodley Town Council area - there are no Labour councillors on Woodley Town Council.
There are three Labour Councillors in Wokingham Borough, two of whom, Andy Croy and Carl Doran serve Bulmershe and Whitegates Ward.

Branch contact details

Email – woodleylabour@gmail.com

Phone (secretary)– 07952 721015

website – www.woodleylabour.org.uk

Facebook Page - Woodley Labour

Twitter - @woodleylabour

Meet your Councillors

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07811 157287 carl.doran@wokingham.gov.uk
Earley Town Councillor
Wokingham Borough Councillor and Chair of Wokingham CLP