Whitley Ward

About the Ward

Whitley ward is large geographically and is situated to the south of Reading town centre from Long Barn Lane to the M4 motorway, and from Northumberland Avenue to Green Park. The ward borders Minster, Katesgrove, Church and Southcote wards, as well as Wokingham Borough.

The ward has a population of just over 12,000 and approximately 5,000 homes, a third of which are social housing.  It is growing rapidly, with increasing diversity. Kennet Island has seen the addition of over 1,000 homes in the last ten years and is still expanding. Two other major housing developments are under construction.

Whitley might be known to outsiders for the iconic wind turbine, the Re3 recycling centre, the 1950s Gillette building and as the home of Reading FC. However, the most noticeable thing about the ward is the rate at which it is growing and changing, unrecognisable from years ago, still a great place to live


Whitley has always had a strong sense of community. Local councillors are working to support this and develop facilities and community in the newer areas.

Ward activities and surgeries

Councillors, members and supporters deliver newsletters and Reading Banners throughout the year. Activists will be busy in the community throughout the year talking to residents across the ward about local issues and concerns.

Councillor surgeries are held at the Community Cafe, South Reading Youth and Community Centre Northumberland Avenue every first Saturday of the month.

We hold ward meetings throughout the year at the South Reading Community Centre on Northumberland Avenue and are planning informal get togethers at the Community Café there. For details see the events calendar https://readinglabour.org.uk/wp/calendar/

Activists are regularly in the community with Councillors to talk to residents in Whitley. The usual days are Monday afternoons, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Invitations to join will be posted to the events calendar https://readinglabour.org.uk/wp/calendar/

For more information contact the ward organisers Lynda Miller or Micky Leng.

Email: whitleyorganiser@gmail.com

Call or text: 07753 311110


Whitley Executive Committee

The elected officers of the ward are:

Chair Mike Orton
Vice-chair Derek Chapman
Secretary Lynda Miller
Organisers Lynda Miller, Micky Leng, Mike Orton



Meet the Councillors

07749 881597 micky.leng@reading.gov.uk
01189372287; Emmett.McKenna@reading.gov.uk
01189675687 Rachel.Eden@reading.gov.uk

Whitley Ward Newsletters