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Tilehurst Ward

2018 Local Elections

Tilehurst Ward Candidate: Matt Harrison

I'm a local Reading resident, born in the Royal Berkshire Hospital and proud to call Tilehurst my home. I stood up for the People of Tilehurst as their Labour Party candidate in 2015 and 2016 and am delighted to be doing so again in 2018.

For too long, Tilehurst has been dominated by the Tories and Lib Dems. The reviled ConDem coalition of chaos may be gone nationally, but in Tilehurst it still remains as they sit in silence, offering no opposition to the despicable attack on council services caused by Tory cuts, so deep that it is now almost impossible to even set a balanced budget - because £57M has been taken from us since 2010. The total annual grant from the Tory government is now a fraction of what it was under the last Labour government and this cruel under-funding is hurting the most vulnerable people in our town.

But, you won't hear anything about this from Tilehurst's Tory and Lib Dems, because in Reading it's the Labour Party who are standing up for the many, not the few.

The Lib Dem's last leaflet to Tilehurst's residents was an exercise in deception as it tried to take the credit for road resurfacing in the ward. Local people were not fooled by this because they know that their services are being delivered by Labour, despite Tory austerity!

About the Ward

Tilehurst is a suburb of the town of Reading in the English county of Berkshire. It lies to the west of the centre of Reading, and extends from the River Thames in the north to the A4 road in the south. The suburb is partly within the boundaries of the Borough of Reading and partly in the district of West Berkshire. The part within West Berkshire forms part of the civil parish of Tilehurst, which also includes the northern part of Calcot and a small rural area west of the suburb. The part within the Borough of Reading includes the Reading electoral wards of Tilehurst and Kentwood.

The 2011 census recorded 9,155 residents in the ward, an area of 2.10 square kilometres (0.81 sq mi).