Conservatives’ Fraud Write-off Costs Reading £10.8 million

New figures, published today by Reading Labour, reveal the staggering cost of the Chancellor’s fraud write-off to families across Reading.

This week Rishi Sunak, the Conservative Chancellor, announced he was writing off a staggering £4.3bn in Covid fraud – the equivalent of 128,000 nurses’ salaries or 146,000 police officers.

That’s the equivalent of £156 per household wasted on fraud alone. Across Reading that is £10,888,800…

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Labour Councillors Slam Tory Police Commissioner’s “Partisan Funding Allocation”

Reading Labour councillors subjected Matthew Barber, the Conservative Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner [PCC], to tough questioning during his attendance at Reading Borough Council’s Policy Committee on Monday 17th January 2022.

In September 2021, Mr Barber announced a 52% cut to Reading’s Community Safety funding. This drastic funding cut will mean difficult decisions around vital work to tackling reoffending and residents’ priority issues in Reading…

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Glaring Need for Council Housing

My first reaction to hearing that Theresa May plans to talk about needing to increase council house building in her speech today was a hollow laugh. Throughout the general election campaign housing and the glaring need for council housing came up in my home of Reading West and in the seat I was lucky to…

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Tackling loneliness in Reading

Today the Red Cross issued a report praising Reading’s Health and Wellbeing board’s approach to tackling loneliness and social isolation.   I’m proud that we’re prioritising this and of the work that we’re doing in Reading as a town to make our town a friendly place. There are all sorts of reasons people might be lonely…

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