Reading and District Labour Party stand in solidarity with the asylum seekers in Reading who are demonstrating against their treatment by Clearsprings. Clearsprings has been subcontracted by the Home Office to provide “services” to asylum seekers, including accommodation and support services.

In Reading, asylum seekers have been treated with disdain by this company: they are treated badly by staff, the food provided is not nutritious, and they do not have access to basic supplies such as handwash.

Having travelled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles seeking safety, and arriving only in the clothes they were wearing, the very least we can offer is somewhere safe and comfortable for them to stay with access to nutritious food, water and services.

Reading Red Kitchen have been supporting the asylum seekers since they arrived with hot nutritious food, toiletries, warm clothes, baby items and more. Reading Red Kitchen do not receive any formal funding but are providing this support because the company that are paid millions of pounds by the Home Office to do this, are not.

Clearsprings have 2 contracts with the Home Office, worth up to £1bn to operate accommodation for asylum seekers in Wales and the South of England. Last year, the company generated a profit of £796k and has paid out £4m in dividends over the last four years. Their highest earning director has received £4.5m since 2015.

This company is profiting from its appalling treatment of asylum seekers; people who have nowhere else to go, who do not have a choice.
It is disgraceful that these companies are able to take millions of pounds from the government and not be held to account.

RDLP stands in solidarity with the asylum seekers here in Reading and across the UK. We extend thanks and gratitude to Reading Red Kitchen for their incredible work in supporting migrants here in Reading. 

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  1. Wendy Moore on 17/02/2021 at 17:49

    This is not acceptable .We must ,at the very least, offer clean accommodation and proper nutritious food . In these difficult times there must be access to hot water and soap at any time .

    In the name of humanity please make this dreadful situation clean and safe for these highly vulnerable people .

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