A few dedicated Labour members were once again out on Sunday afternoon speaking with residents about every issue they face as a citizen of our town. Conversations with residents ranged from discussing vacant council properties and drug dealing, to contemplating the pro’s and cons of buying a second hand car the perils of having a small front garden.

One of Reading’s most dedicated campaigners, Micky Leng (photographed; right), said:

“People underestimate the value of newsletters and even look down on them as a waste of time. But people still read newspapers and people read our stuff and recognise it and us, and this is without us being rossetted or badged up. Face-to-face contact door-to-door helps create Party affiliation. Community engagement is often put to one side in politics but in Whitley we’re starting to put it right. We got out loads of leaflets in a relatively short time this afternoon thanks to a great team!”

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