Reading Labour Councillors Push Forward Fair Tax Declaration

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On Tuesday 5th July 2022, Reading Labour Councillors are taking a motion to the full meeting of Reading Borough Council that will commit the Council to signing the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration. 

Cllr Jason Brock, Leader of Reading Borough Council, said: 

“I am pleased that my colleagues Cllr Alice Mpofu-Coles and Cllr Jacopo Lanzoni will be respectively moving and seconding this motion at Council. 

“Under Labour, Reading Borough Council is already committed to the highest standards in terms of transparency and disclosure, and we expect such standards in terms of our suppliers too. Signing the declaration reaffirms our commitments and makes a statement that we want others to follow our example. Overall, this forms part of Reading Labour’s agenda to ensure that the Council does its part to ensure that the Council’s resources are always employed for the maximum benefit of residents and sits alongside our now established Social Value in Procurement framework.

“The Government has announced that new legislation concerning procurement is forthcoming and this presents an opportunity for a new approach that gives greater latitude and power to Councils in ensuring that good and proper tax conduct from suppliers is recognised and that poor standards are, quite rightly, singled out.”


1. The text of the motion can be found on the Council meeting agenda (5th July 2022) here:

2. The Councils for Fair Tax Declaration is an initiative of the Fair Tax Foundation: