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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected by and accountable to the District Labour Party (RDLP). Each year, at the AMM, each position on the EC is voted on after applications has been submitted. The elected representative then meet at least once a month to coordinate to the local parties activities.

The EC is split into four types of roles:

  • Executive Officers
    • Chair
    • Vice-Chairs
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Officers and Coordinators
    • Members with specific portfolios such as Youth Officer or LGBT Officer.
  • Trade Union Liaison
  • Members at Large
    • Full, voting EC members but without a specific portfolio.
    • Split between East and West members to ensure a balance of representative from each Constituency.


Sarah Hacker
Job Description


Vice-Chair (East)

Kathy McCubbing
Job Description


Vice-Chair (West)

Billie Sarah Reynolds
Job Description



Anthony Bardos
Job Description



Helen Caney
Job Description


Youth Officer

Callum Harling
Job Description


Women's Officer

Alessandra Borlotti
Job Description


BAME Officer

Boubacar Dembele
Job Description


LGBT Officer

Alyssa Henley
Job Description


Disability Officer

Angie Burnish
Job Description


Policy Officer

Gareth Langston


IT Officer

Matthew Yeo
Job Description


Campaigns Officer

Matt Harrison
Job Description


Trade Union Liaison Officer

John Partington
Job Description


Fundraising and Events Officer

Chris Reilly

Job Description


Communications and Social Media Officer

Sam Wild


Political Education Officer

Jackie Oversby