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On Thursday, 2 May there are Local Elections

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Protecting and enhancing the lives of vulnerable adults and children

Tory Health Care Crisis

26 Feb 2018

The government’s Strategic Transformation Plan for the NHS in our area will cut £500 million of funding from NHS services. This winter’s NHS crisis has again exposed the extent to which vital health services are being starved of funds by the Tory government. In December, Royal Berks Hospital’s A&E waiting times hit their worst ever…

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Reading Schools Improving Despite National Cuts

26 Feb 2018

Reading Labour is continuing its work with all our schools to en-sure they are delivering for the town’s children. In 2017 the town’s secondary schools matched or bettered their GCSE results from the previous year, while primary schools shot up 80 places in the national league tables with improved Key Stage 2 results. Work to…

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Local Services Hit By Tory Cuts

26 Feb 2018

The savage Tory cuts to local council grants has hit Labour-run Reading harder than our neighbouring Tory councils. Reading has lost more than twice as much money per person than Wokingham. The Tory government are continuing their unjustified and savage cuts to local authority budgets. Funding has been slashed in Reading by £237 per resident,…

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Reading Labour Tackling Tory Housing Failures

26 Feb 2018

The Tory government has broken Britain’s housing market. Average house prices in Reading are over £300,000 and average monthly rent is upwards of £1,000. The Tories have also severely restricted the ability of local councils to build new homes. This has led to an unsustainable situation, resulting in homelessness rates rising nationally and a generation being…

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Reading Young Labour Endorsements for Youth Elections

24 Feb 2018

Reading Young Labour, having reviewed the candidates statements and met with a number of those standing, have decided to endorse the following candidates:   National Executive Committee Representative Lara McNeill   National Chair of Young Labour Miriam Mirwitch   International Officer Mohammed Ahmed   Under 19’s Officer Etan Waller   South East Regional Representative Alana…

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Primary School Budget Cuts

18 Feb 2018

The education system has changed dramatically within the last 20 years. Teachers and schools are now held wholly responsible for children’s progress. With an expectation that schools should be teaching children a broad and balanced curriculum alongside giving them experiences outside of the everyday. As a primary school teacher working in an Outstanding Academy school…

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16 Feb 2018

A chronic and debilitating condition which, to the untrained eye, renders the sufferer as looking ‘normal’ has been the subject of a real battle between one of Matt Rodda’s constituents and the Government benefits agencies. Sadly, however, cases like this are not uncommon. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis sufferer Charis contacted Matt’s office following a benefits assessment which…

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Opinion: Violent crime is rising, the police are under pressure – It is time for the Government to end police cuts

15 Feb 2018

The first duty of any Government is to protect the public, whether that is protection from crime, illness or other threats. I am concerned about the rising level of violent crime and the effects of the Government’s deepening cuts to the police, which have left hard working officers with fewer resources to respond.   Read…

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