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Whitley Wood Community Centre – Get Together

13 Jun 2017

Bring a picnic and join our Great Get Together in Whitley Wood Saturday 17 June 12pm-2pm Whitley Wood Community Centre Come along to meet your neighbours. Rain or shine we can go ahead. Children welcome and no charge. We are doing this as part of the Jo Cox Foundation’s Great Get together – we really…

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West Reading Great Get Together – Picnic In The Park!

12 Jun 2017

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us” – Jo Cox MP In my year as Mayor I met hundreds of people in Reading and got to know about their lives, hobbies, passions and challenges.  I loved Reading before I was mayor but the great people I…

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I bet you never saw that coming!

11 Jun 2017

Well what an amazing few days we have just witnessed.  I’m happy to admit I went into the general election thinking Labour would hold its own.  I wasn’t expecting the huge losses predicted at the start of the campaign but equally I wasn’t expecting another 30 new Labour MPs, one of whom is the new…

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01 Jun 2017

It is the height of Tory arrogance for them to call a snap election without having their Manifesto ready for immediate publication.   It is now quite clear that Tory High Command always planned to call this election as soon as Article 50 had been triggered. May has lied and misled for the past 9 months when their strategy…

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Jeremy Corbyn visits Reading

01 Jun 2017

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, spoke to around 1,000 people at Rivermead Leisure Centre, offering a better future for our community under Labour and warning of the damage another Conservative Government would do to the NHS, schools and other public services. Jeremy Corbyn highlighted Labour’s commitments to invest in the NHS and care for the elderly,…

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Olivia Bailey & Matt Rodda – Statement Regarding the Terror Attack in Manchester Arena

23 May 2017

“We are devastated by the horrendous attack in Manchester. The whole country is grieving for those who have lost their lives, and our thoughts are with their family and friends. We are also thinking about the brave men and women in our emergency services. We must never allow terrorism to divide our communities.”

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Alok Sharma and Rob Wilson: Examining their voting records and effectiveness as representatives for Reading

22 May 2017

Introduction When I set out to write this article I was planning two articles; one for Sharma and the other for Wilson. However, within only a few moments of my research it became very clear that there was no need to write two articles. Sharma and Wilson are identical! With the exception of only a…

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Labour Party Manifesto 2017

16 May 2017
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