Only Reading Labour Stands Residents In All Seats At May Election

Reading Labour are standing a full slate of 48 candidates in all seats at the forthcoming Reading Borough Council election on Thursday 5th May 2022. 

Reading Labour are the only party to have Reading residents contesting every single seat. The Conservatives have stood candidates who live outside Reading in several wards, while the Greens and the Liberal Democrats have been unable to find enough candidates to fulfil all contests. 

A full list of Labour’s candidates can be found here:

The Council’s official statement of persons nominated can be found here:

Cllr Jason Brock, Leader of Reading Borough Council and Labour candidate in Southcote, said:

“I’m so incredibly proud that we have such a diverse panel of candidates for this year’s election – the first all-out contest in Reading for 18 years. We have more black and ethnic minority background candidates than ever before. And our candidates come from all walks of life – from a carpenter to a hospitality worker, and from a radiation protection specialist to a former Royal Navy officer. Every single Labour candidate is a resident of our town and, collectively, our candidates reflect the diversity of Reading and its communities.

“In fact, Labour is the only party to have local Reading residents standing in every contest. The Tories are having to drag in candidates from Oxford and Wokingham, while the Greens and Lib Dems simply can’t find enough candidates. It seems that the Greens have struggled to find people to even subscribe the nomination papers, as two of their candidates have had to propose themselves.

“The election on Thursday 5th May is an important one, and it’s already clear that only Labour are representative of Reading. Even more strikingly, only by voting Labour can you guarantee that all your votes will go to candidates who actually live in Reading. Our candidates ask for your vote so that Labour can continue its plans to invest in Reading’s services and facilities and work to build a future where everyone can share in our town’s success.”


1. Labour’s 48 candidates are contesting every single seat and include record numbers of black and ethnic minority background candidates. 

2. A Conservative candidate in Abbey ward lives in Oxford City, while a Conservative candidate in Park ward lives in Wokingham Borough and a Conservative candidate in Church ward lives in Sonning, also in Wokingham Borough.

3. A Green candidate in Katesgrove has proposed herself for election, while another Green candidate in Thames ward has also proposed herself.