Reading Labour fully supports the statement made by the National Education Union (NEU)

“The National Education Union is calling upon Government to move learning online in all primary schools including primary special schools in England for at least 2 weeks and issuing advice to all members informing them of their legal rights not to have to work in an unsafe environment.”

Reading Labour chair Sarah Hacker said

“Reading is in Tier Four, the same tier as the London Boroughs who have been advised to close their schools to all children (aside from those who are vulnerable and those of Key Workers). With infection rates high in Reading we do not see why our children, school staff and communities should be treated any differently. School staff should be confident that their workplace is safe and, despite the government insisting this is the case, it is clearly not.”

The NEU have also stated

“The reports from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine from the 23rd of December, the Sage papers dated 22nd of December but released on 31st of December or the report from Imperial College on the 31st of December – all have the same message – that it will not be possible with the new variant to get R below one without at least a period of school closure.”

If you haven’t already done so please sign the NEU’s petition that asks
“We call on the Government to use this period of online learning to:

  • establish the rate of transmission of the new variant of the virus amongst school pupils and college students and from them to others at home – it is important to keep families safe.
  • establish measures to keep schools and colleges more Covid-secure such as the introduction of proper mass testing with adequate time and resource to ensure the effective roll-out of testing; the vaccination of staff, starting with those at highest risk; and the establishment of rotas for attendance at school or college, wherever possible, to allow vital social distancing in crowded classrooms and buildings.”

Make Schools Safe and Protect Communities (

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