A chronic and debilitating condition which, to the untrained eye, renders the sufferer as looking ‘normal’ has been the subject of a real battle between one of Matt Rodda’s constituents and the Government benefits agencies. Sadly, however, cases like this are not uncommon.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis sufferer Charis contacted Matt’s office following a benefits assessment which ruled her fit for work, in spite of conclusive medical and clinical evidence to the contrary from her GP and other specialists. She has not received any benefit payments for over a year, though counts herself as fortunate as she lives at home with her parents. Other sufferers, living alone, may not be so fortunate and these measures could push them deeper into poverty, depression and debt. Charis now fears that due to her benefits being stopped and whilst her appeal for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is still ongoing, she could likely face transferral to the Universal Credit system where she would lose out significantly on the financial help she should receive.


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