It is the height of Tory arrogance for them to call a snap election without having their Manifesto ready for immediate publication.


It is now quite clear that Tory High Command always planned to call this election as soon as Article 50 had been triggered. May has lied and misled for the past 9 months when their strategy was firmly entrenched. May is a mere mouthpiece for the handful of Tory strategists behind her. The Tories avoided any challenge on their manifesto by postponing publication for over 4 weeks until mid-May, giving them minimum time to be scrutinised. Their campaign based on sound bites, shouted loud by the Tory press and right wing media, to be banded around from the day the election was announced.


On the other hand, Labour is coming out of the running blocks at a strong pace with sound policies including;  a guarantee for EU residents living in the UK on day one of a Labour Government, an immediate defence review, a council house building plan within a commitment to build 1 million new houses, a reversal of the benefits cuts imposed by the Tories, alongside a commitment not to continue the giveaway on Corporation Tax; and a clear focus on international agreement through the UN and other international bodies to seek political solutions to the world’s problems.


Focus on policies should win through.