Homes should be safe and warm for families and not damage the environment for future generations, the Labour Party has stated.

The party says that at the December 2019 election there is a clear choice and that “this is our last chance to take action to protect future generations or allow the Tories to accelerate our planet’s destruction.”

Labour’s “Warm Homes for All” will witness the largest upgrade of UK housing since 1945 resulting in the creation of 450,000 eco-friendly jobs through initiatives such as installing loft insulation and double glazing, in many of the UK’s 27 million homes. The UK’s housing stock is among the worst insulated in Europe.

The drive is part of Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution which plans to transform the country and economy, using public investment to create important jobs while helping to tackle the climate emergency.

Landlords will be regulated to ensure their properties are warm and energy efficient. Upgrades to low income households will be grant-funded while wealthier households will be offered interest free loans to improve their homes and lower their energy bills.

The plans would result in significant change by 2030:

  • Substantially reduce energy bills of 9.6 million low income households
  • Eradicate the vast majority of fuel poverty by the mid-2020s benefiting an approximate 1.14 million elderly people and 25% of single parents who currently live in fuel poverty
  • Cut carbon emissions by 10% – the equivalent of 72% of the emissions of all cars in the UK

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