The Labour Party is preparing to launch its 2019 manifesto and is inviting people to view the document when it is launched in the next few days.

The party is seeking to outline significant change to help deliver “concrete improvements to the lives of millions.”

At the core of the manifesto will be the goal of a society in the UK which doesn’t hold back the talents of its people with the party pledging:

  • An end to in-work poverty
  • An end to food bank use
  • An end to 1.4 million older people not getting the care they need
  • The construction of 100,000+ genuinely affordable homes per year
  • An end to rough sleeping
  • An end to tuition fees
  • Reduced waiting times for A&E and cancer treatments
  • Brexit sorted in six months
  • Smaller class sizes in schools
  • A Green Industrial Revolution to create hundreds of thousands of jobs
    and slash carbon emissions

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