Julia Simons, a trainee doctor at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge, last week challenged Tory leader Boris Johnson stating: “We know the NHS is being privatised even if it’s not explained in explicit terms.”

The young medic’s public challenge came shortly before Johnson was filmed being booed by staff and members of the public outside the hospital.

The events unfolded before a statement from NHS leaders today stating that the NHS should not be politicised.

However, comments from the young medic Simons on Twitter indicate the level of anger among many NHS staff: “Hi my name is now angry medical student… an unexpected end to Thursday clinic.”

Johnson made it clear in recent meetings with US President Trump that the NHS could be open to privatisation to US health firms as part of a UK/US trade deal.

The Labour Party, which founded the NHS in 1948, remains dedicated to opposing its sell-off.

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