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Jeremy Corbyn visits Reading

Two thousand eight hundred and seventy seven votes is all we need and I’m gonna do pretty much anything I can to make sure we get there. Which is why I am walking a dog in Whitley Wood. Ruby is a fantastic old girl and very likely to lick the face right off you so she can’t stay at home right now – Jeremy Corbyn is round for tea.

Jeremy and his team are visiting all the key constituencies and talking to people about the issues that affect them. Housing is at the top of the agenda today.

In Reading East he has visited Launchpad a homeless charity working across Reading and in Reading West he spoke to Carol about cost of living issues like energy bills.

Carol is a pretty typical constituent, she worries about wages and bills. She moved to her one bed home with Ruby after the bedroom tax was introduced. As she is talking I think Crikey – I hope she tells Jeremy all of this! Carol needs strong local leadership to fight for her and we need to be an army fit for a fight.

Jeremy visited Launchpad with Matt Rodda Reading East MP and talked about housing issues in Reading with Cllr John Ennis. This was Followed by a trip to Reading West in Whitley with Cllr Rachel Eden to talk to a resident about how housing issues and rising fuel prices are affecting people.


Maureen Mc Sevney


Reading & District Labour Party

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