West Reading Councillors want your views on speed limits.

Labour councillors in Battle, Kentwood and Norcot wards are launching an on-line survey seeking residents’ views on whether the residential streets off the Oxford Road between Reading West Station and Norcot Roundabout should become a 20mph zone. Currently the limit is 30mph except for sections of individual streets near to schools.

Norcot Ward Councillor, Jo Lovelock, says that she and colleagues get many requests from residents to introduce a 20mph speed limit in the area.  Jo adds: “We think it is important to seek all residents’ views on the need to introduce the lower speed limit. We are also asking people if the power to take enforcement action should be transferred from the Police to the Council – the Police readily admit that they don’t have the resources to prioritise speeding offences.”

Battle Ward Councillor Gul Khan adds: “Residents are always raising concern at the dangerous speeds of some drivers, especially those using the side streets as a “rat run” to avoid traffic on the main through routes.  We hope as many people as possible will fill out the survey so we can judge the level of community support for any scheme.”

Obviously, we would prefer to be knocking on doors to talk to residents, but with Covid19 restrictions we can’t do that. Residents can respond on the following on-line links.  If anyone does not have access to on-line facilities they can give one of us a call or write to us.

Proposed 20mph area

On-Line Links to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/P3P57DQ

Or please see contacts below to write, phone or email:

Battle Ward Councillors:

Cllr Gul Khan          
Phone: 07977 513295
Address: 33, Lorne Street, Reading, RG1 7YW
Email: gul.khan@reading.gov.uk

Cllr Sarah Hacker   
Phone: 0118 9576170
Address: 6, Dorset Street, Reading, RG30 1JU
Email: sarah.hacker@reading.gov.uk

Cllr Chris Maskell   
Phone: 0118 9591438 
Address: 95, Beecham Road, Reading, RG30 2RB
Email: chris.maskell@reading.gov.uk

Kentwood Councillor:

Cllr Daya Pal Singh  
Phone: 0118 9596428 
Address: 7, Tuxford Mews, Reading, RG30 2NW  
Email:  dayapal.singh@reading.gov.uk       

Norcot Councillors:

Cllr Jo Lovelock      
Phone: 0118 9415760 
Address: 66, Brooksby Road, Reading, RG31 6LY
Email:  jo.lovelock@reading.gov.uk

Cllr Debs Absolom 
Phone: 0118 9542663
Address: 3 Hampstead Court, Reading,RG30 2QQ
Email: debs.absolom@reading.gov.uk

Cllr Graeme Hoskin Phone: 0118 9589241
Address: 196, Waverley Rd, Reading, RG30 2QG
Email: graeme.hoskin@reading.gov.uk

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