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General Election 2017

The General Election will take place on Thursday 8th June and polling stations will be open as normal between 7am and 10pm. There are two constituencies that come under Reading and District Labour Party (Reading East and Reading West). The below map illustrates the two constituencies (Reading East marked in Red and Reading West in White).




Reading and District Labour Party are delighted to announce that Labour have selected former Reading East PPC, Cllr Matt Rodda (Katesgrove) to be our Parliamentary candidate in Reading East and Chair of the Labour Women’s Network, Olivia Bailey to be our candidate in Reading West for the 2017 General Election.

Matt said “I am delighted and honoured to have been selected as the Labour parliamentary candidate in Reading East and I’m looking forward to the campaign ahead. Labour came a close second in 2015 and we can win the seat in this snap election.

“The Conservatives have let Britain down. A Labour Government will build a better, fairer Britain, we will invest in our public services, defend our NHS and schools and provide the affordable housing needed by young families in the Reading area.

“Every vote will count in what promises to be a close election.”

Olivia said “The Conservative Party has taken people in Reading West for granted. Tory broken promises mean local schools are facing cuts while class sizes soar. The NHS is at crisis point, our safety has been compromised with cuts to frontline police, and we are in the midst of the worst housing crisis in generations.

 “I am honoured to have the chance to represent the town where I was born. I hope to win people’s trust in the coming weeks, so that I can be a strong champion for Reading West in parliament.”


Reading Labour's Manifesto


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