Reading Young Labour would like to input the following points into the Democracy Review:

·        Young Labour needs proper funding for staff. Despite being a huge part of the Labour Party and being the future of the Party, there is currently only one paid worker who works part time for Young Labour. Whilst Young Labour is based on the incredible volunteering of thousands of members, Young Labour cannot maximise its full potential without proper staffing.

·        Young Labour needs a digital platform. This could be a member’s only area where youth officers across the UK communicate and share ideas. The area could also include resources related to Young Labour such as how to organise a canvass for first time canvassers or how to run a Young Labour CLP group.

·        Young Labour needs more NEC representation. If Young Labour’s NEC representation increased  in proportion to its membership in the past two years, then there would be six young representatives sitting on the NEC. There is currently only one. We suggest a Young Trade Union representative on the NEC. This would not only increase representation for young people but also ensure further representation for our young working members.

·        NEC representatives for Young Labour to be elected by a One Member One Vote ballot

·        Young Labour needs to be a coherent movement. There should be further focus on youth based campaigns (such as the Votes at 16 campaign) and CLPs from across the UK should work together to organise effective campaigns. The Thames Valley Young Labour Facebook Forum set up by youth officer Michael Boyle is an example of cohesion within the party to ensure membership and potential Labour supporters are engaged.

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