Conservatives’ Fraud Write-off Costs Reading £10.8 million

New figures, published today by Reading Labour, reveal the staggering cost of the Chancellor’s fraud write-off to families across Reading.

This week Rishi Sunak, the Conservative Chancellor, announced he was writing off a staggering £4.3bn in Covid fraud – the equivalent of 128,000 nurses’ salaries or 146,000 police officers.

That’s the equivalent of £156 per household wasted on fraud alone. Across Reading that is £10,888,800.

Publishing the analysis, Labour’s Cllr Liz Terry, Lead Councillor for Children on Reading Borough Council, said:
“Families in Reading are facing a cost of living crisis – thanks in no small part to this government. The Conservatives are the party of high tax because they are the party of low growth. That means higher National Insurance and cuts to support for working families. 

“Now we know that while they are hammering people in Reading – with household budgets under huge pressure and financial support for families falling – they are, at the very same time, happy to write off more than £4bn in fraud. Set in the context of their cut to Universal Credit last year, which has had a terrible impact on working families across Reading, this is all the more shocking.

“Whether it is lockdown parties in Downing Street or raising our National Insurance bills while fraudsters get off scot free – this Conservative Government are seeking to take us for fools.”

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves MP, said:

“While prices soar, billions in hard-earned taxpayer cash has been frittered away by fraud — and the chancellor is happy to shrug his shoulders and lose it forever.

“Labour will treat every pound of taxpayers’ money with the respect it deserves. Government should be able to get money to the right places, without losing billions in taxpayers’ cash.”