Update from Conference, Sunday 22nd September …

This morning opened with a long debate on rebuilding Britain’s Public Services and speakers addressed the devastating injustices and Labour’s humane solutions in the areas of education, health and social care.  

Angela Rayner was up first, outlining the changes Labour would make in education, with many announcements received with standing ovations. Policies announced included:

  • Closing tax relief to private schools in the first budget of a Labour government
  • Integration of private schools into the public sector
  • Abolition of grammar schools 
  • Roll out of Sure Start Plus to ensure that new parents are provided with the support they need
  • Free nursery education for all 2 to 4 year olds with trained staff providing a real education
  • Abolition of university tuition fees
  • A basic right to education for everybody throughout their lives 
  • Sex and relationship education to support young people
  • Replacing OFSTED with a teacher-based inspection service
  • Tackling the ever-increasing price of school uniforms by placing a price cap on uniforms 

Next up was Jonathan Ashworth, Shadow Secretary of State for Health who also received a number of standing ovations for his announcements:

  • Preventing the medicine shortages of a no deal Brexit and fighting a trade deal with Trump that sells off our NHS
  • Ending austerity to bring down waiting lists, stabilise Accident & Emergency departments and deliver quality cancer care patients deserve
  • IMproving mental health services
  • A solemn pledge that no child should ever be denied the mental health care they need
  • Reform of the Mental Health Act
  • Investing in eating disorder and suicide prevention services
  • Proper funding for addiction recovery services
  • Creation of 5,000 GP training places to address the chronic shortage of GPs that is leading to longer and longer waiting times for appointments
  • Announcing a climate emergency across the NHS with plans to make the NHS the greenest health system in the world
  • Creation of an “NHS Forest” to plant 1million trees across the NHS estate

Diane Abbot made a wonderful speech where she announced a whole range of enquiries and closure of Immigration removal centres.  

“Bring it on!” was Diane Abbot’s challenge to Boris Johnson. As a Prime Minister he has failed. “Nobody who takes the security of this country seriously can support a no deal Brexit”.

To reverse the devastating cuts the Conservatives have made and make our communities safe and welcoming again Labour will:

  • End the Windrush scandal.
  • Ensure the residents of Grenfell get the justice they need and deserve.
  • Train and recruit thousands of police officers.
  • Uphold the rights of EU citizens.
  • Repeal the 2014 Immigration Act and end the hostile environment.
  • Tackle mental health care underfunding and inequality.
  • Have an enquiry into Orgreave, blacklisting and release the papers on the Shrewsbury 24.

We would encourage members to watch all the speeches onlilne if you get a chance.

Finally, RDLP delegates voted in favour of all the recommendations that arose from the democracy review.  This was a ballot vote.

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