Update from Conference, Saturday 21st September …

The main agenda item on Saturday was the priorities ballot where delegates and affiliates voted to decide which motions  to debate from a long list. 

Helen and I met to agree which 10 motions to support and voted for the following which are NOT listed in order of importance:

1.  Armed forces (Housing)
2. Schools
3. Brexit
4. Green New Deal
5. Social Care
6. Mental Health
7. Ethical Foreign Policy 
8. Yeman 
9. Good Friday Agreement
10. Immigration.

Of these, conference voted to discuss Brexit, Green New Deal, Immigration and Ethical Foreign Policy.

Later in the afternoon, we took Part in a card vote where we voted in favour of 7 Motions to improve internal party democracy and we voted against three that we felt did not. 

We enjoyed a range of powerful speeches from Ian Lavery and Jennie Formby but felt that a real highlight of the day was Dawn Butler’s address to conference which we encourage members to look at online.

RDLP members were well represented at the South East regional reception in the evening where along with some of our regional MPs, Rachel Eden spoke with great passion about the need for a labour government. 

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