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Cuts have consequences

Let’s talk about cuts (Baby) You probably know by now that the cuts to local government funding have not fallen equally across the country. Because the central government grant has been cut but council tax has been rising, wealthy areas of the country, where council tax receipts are higher and demand for statutory services is…

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Kentwood Election Special

The 2 Labour candidates are Councillor and Deputy Mayor Glenn Dennis, who is coming to the end of his 4-year term, and Ali Foster who is a Small Business Owner, and has lived in Reading for over 17 Years. She has 23 years of experience working in the NHS as a Mental Health Nurse, Improvement…

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Tory Health Care Crisis

The government’s Strategic Transformation Plan for the NHS in our area will cut £500 million of funding from NHS services. This winter’s NHS crisis has again exposed the extent to which vital health services are being starved of funds by the Tory government. In December, Royal Berks Hospital’s A&E waiting times hit their worst ever…

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Reading Schools Improving Despite National Cuts

Reading Labour is continuing its work with all our schools to en-sure they are delivering for the town’s children. In 2017 the town’s secondary schools matched or bettered their GCSE results from the previous year, while primary schools shot up 80 places in the national league tables with improved Key Stage 2 results. Work to…

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Local Services Hit By Tory Cuts

The savage Tory cuts to local council grants has hit Labour-run Reading harder than our neighbouring Tory councils. Reading has lost more than twice as much money per person than Wokingham. The Tory government are continuing their unjustified and savage cuts to local authority budgets. Funding has been slashed in Reading by £237 per resident,…

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Minster Ward Canvass

Another successful canvass this morning – this time in Minster Ward. Councillors and supports alike were out in force to discuss Labour Policy and local issues with residents. As well as being a very productive morning, a number of the team rather enjoyed being threatened by a resident shouting that he would “set his cats…

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Jeremy Corbyn visits Reading

Two thousand eight hundred and seventy seven votes is all we need and I’m gonna do pretty much anything I can to make sure we get there. Which is why I am walking a dog in Whitley Wood. Ruby is a fantastic old girl and very likely to lick the face right off you so…

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Our schools under pressure

A key concern raised time and again during the general election was the cuts in real terms to school budgets. Up and down the country parents and guardians expressed increasing concern that their children’s education was being compromised by austerity led cuts eating into the education budget. The Government has cut school funding by £2.8 billion since…

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