Boris Johnson is treating the people of Reading with contempt: he partied while 224 in Reading died

Responding to the latest reports of parties in Downing Street during lockdown – including a ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ party which the Prime Minister and his wife are widely reported to have attended, Labour’s Cllr Graeme Hoskin has called on local Conservatives to send a clear message to Conservatives in Downing Street.

Labour’s Cllr Graeme Hoskin said:

“224 people in Reading died from Coronavirus on May 20th We now know that at the same time Boris Johnson, his wife and team enjoyed lockdown busting boozey parties at No 10. Countless more lost special moments – missed funerals, weddings and crucial life events.

“Now it is clear that while we suffered – while we all made huge sacrifices to follow the rules – Boris Johnson and his team were drinking and laughing away. They were laughing at us.

“After weeks of contemptuous lies, the Prime Minister has been caught red-handed. Think back to what you were doing in May 2020 – what you and your loved ones missed, what you sacrificed, what you lost. It is absolutely sickening.”

“So today I am calling on Alok Sharma, Conservative MP for Reading West, to join me in condemning this disgusting behaviour, in demanding a full and honest account of what happened – today – and to call for an apology to every single one of us in Reading who has suffered over these last two years.”