More Family Homes For Reading With Labour

Your Labour Council is setting an example by pushing forward the largest Council home building programme in a generation. We will deliver over 300 new Council homes across Reading in the next four years. This also includes new community centres, new key worker housing and new extra-care homes so that everyone has the chance to thrive in Reading…

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Labour Takes Reading To TOP FIVE On Climate Action

Reading’s Labour Council is one of the top local authorities in the UK for tackling the Climate Emergency. We’re one of just 95 towns and cities GLOBALLY to achieve the top score in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s ‘gold standard’.

With Labour, Reading Borough Council has reduced its carbon footprint by almost 70% in just 12 years…

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Reading Labour Manifesto 2022

Reading Labour on Reading District Council

Find below Reading Labour’s Manifesto for the 2022 local elections in Reading Borough, held on Thursday 5th May.

The Manifesto maintains and enhances our commitments from last year – building a consistent and aspirational vision for Reading.

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Tory policies mean workers in Reading set to see real wages fall by £1,300 by 2023

New figures published by Reading Labour today reveal the staggering hit to wages facing local people by 2023. New analysis shows the average earner in Reading will see their real earnings fall by £1,300 by 2023.

Not only will working people be hit with the biggest tax burden since the 1940s – but living standards look to plummet at the fastest rate seen since records began…

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Families in Reading face £24.9 million Conservative tax hike, £348 per worker – new analysis

New figures released by Reading Labour reveal that families in Reading are facing a £24.9 million National Insurance Contributions [NICs] hike thanks to the latest Tory tax rise. Under the Conservatives’ plans to raise National Insurance this April, the average employee in Reading will pay an extra £348 in NICs alone.

The increase pushes taxes up to a 70-year high – and comes at a time when energy bills are set to rise by almost £700 and inflation is at a 30-year high…

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Conservatives’ Fraud Write-off Costs Reading £10.8 million

New figures, published today by Reading Labour, reveal the staggering cost of the Chancellor’s fraud write-off to families across Reading.

This week Rishi Sunak, the Conservative Chancellor, announced he was writing off a staggering £4.3bn in Covid fraud – the equivalent of 128,000 nurses’ salaries or 146,000 police officers.

That’s the equivalent of £156 per household wasted on fraud alone. Across Reading that is £10,888,800…

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Labour Councillors Slam Tory Police Commissioner’s “Partisan Funding Allocation”

Reading Labour councillors subjected Matthew Barber, the Conservative Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner [PCC], to tough questioning during his attendance at Reading Borough Council’s Policy Committee on Monday 17th January 2022.

In September 2021, Mr Barber announced a 52% cut to Reading’s Community Safety funding. This drastic funding cut will mean difficult decisions around vital work to tackling reoffending and residents’ priority issues in Reading…

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